Pandemic Assistance For Small Businesses

Business Resources

Check out these free resources we’ve collected to help you navigate your business through.

Pandemic assistance for small businesses

Business resources

Check out these free resources we’ve collected to help you navigate your business through.

To Help You With Funding

There are a number of public and private sources that are providing financial assistance to businesses. Not all sources are appropriate for all businesses, but every funding source will want to see numbers proving the state of your business now, as well as data proving your ability to repay the loan or provide a return on their investment.

These resources will help you gather the information that you will need.

SBA-Backed Funding Information

PPP Loan Forgiveness

If you have received PPP funds and you want to seek full forgiveness, you need to be tracking how you use your funds as soon as they enter your bank account. A solid paper trail and record of use is critical to make a solid case for your forgiveness application.

The SBA has put together forms to help you apply for loan forgiveness with your bank. If you need any help working through these, please reach out!

Recent Articles

Federal Help for Small Businesses

Federal Help for Small Businesses

On Friday, the historic $2.2 trillion stimulus package passed the federal legislative and administrative branches to become law. The bill contains four provisions to provide assistance to small businesses, including those who are self-employed, freelancers, and independent contractors. Here is a summary of the bill and quick bullet-point answers to your most pressing questions.

Understanding Your Funding Options

Understanding Your Funding Options

Businesses and nonprofits of all sizes are getting hit hard right now due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, many government and private funding sources are available to help businesses through this crisis. Read on to learn about the basic types of funding and how to apply for financing.

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To Help You With Business Operations

In order to support social distancing and self-imposed quarantines, your business will need to be prepared for remote operations. These resources will help you organize your transition, and enable you to continue serving your customers and clients with as few interruptions as possible.

If you are purchasing new equipment as you transition your operations, this resource will help you track everything (both for tax reporting and general maintenance).

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