Aero Elite Flight School

Website Design & Copywriting


  • Aero Elite Flight School


  • Web design
  • UX / UI
  • Copywriting


  • 5 Pages
  • WordPress build
  • Information architecture
  • Flight-themed design
  • Conversion-oriented copy
  • Contact form


About the project

A website built to fly


Aero Elite had a simple website running on a vanilla WordPress installation. The three pages had a smattering of content. The flight instructors had years of experience and a loyal client base, but no time and ability to develop a website. Referrals came mainly by word-of-mouth.

The challenge was to create a website that would introduce new visitors to flight school and convert them, without overwhelming them with information. Aero Elite requested an authoritative website that would stand out against their competitors, but one that also had a sense of liveliness and fun, a hallmark of their training program.


We developed a new five-page WordPress website. The UX structure led visitors along an intuitive path that educated them on Training, Aircraft, and Instructors before ending on a conversion page.

Our skilled copywriter penned informative copy with a friendly tone, which Aero Elite checked for accuracy. The UI design sported bright blues that fit with the flight theme and created a lighthearted feel.

When Aero Elite approved the final design, we concluded our work with a training session, enabling the instructors to make simple changes independently.

UX / Information Architecture

An Intuitive Way to Learn

We arranged the pages in an order that would be intuitive to someone searching for information. Each page ended with a clear call to action leading the reader to the next step. The main navigation reflected this structure as well.

Website Design

Design that reveals personality

Flying is serious business, but Aero Elite wanted a design that reflected the school’s lighthearted personality. Aero Elite’s owner told us that the warm atmosphere and friendly instructors kept students coming back.

With some leeway to choose colors, we chose a palette of sky and navy blues, bold and inspiring colors that fit the flight theme and added emotional lift.

For the overall design, we went for clean lines and lots of white space, helping the reader focus on the text and highlighting the photos of aircraft and open sky.


Encouraging Visitor Conversion

Aero Elite told us that most of its prospective leads already knew the technicalities of flight school and needed encouragement rather than education to convert. We wrote our website copy accordingly, emphasizing graduates’ independence and opening our paragraphs with emotionally compelling headlines.

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