Register for the Marketing Strategy Program Starting August 3!

This inaugural class-size is limited to 10 paid participants and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will have a waitlist for those who don’t make it into this class, and you will be at the head of the line to register for the next class.

Please note that your spot will only be secured once you pay your invoice. If you don’t pay your invoice by July 17, your spot will go to the next person in line on the waitlist.

  • We will only send you an invoice if there is an open spot in the program. Please note that you must pay the invoice in full by July 17, 2020 in order to secure your spot. If you do not pay your invoice in time, your spot will be given to the next person in line on the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm pretty busy. How much time should I expect to spend on the program each week?

We know time is limited in a small business or organization, so the program is built with busy people like you in mind.

The video portion for each module will take 40-50 minutes to watch, and each module is broken into easily digestible 5-10 minute segments. We recommend watching the videos back-to-back so you can focus on the topic all at once, but the program platform will keep your spot if you need to squeeze your learning into smaller chunks throughout your day.

The time you’ll need to spend on the worksheets will vary, but in general you should plan on dedicating an unbroken 30-90 minutes each week to complete the projects.¬†If you’re already very familiar with some parts of your marketing (e.g., you know your audience like the back of your hand), you’ll probably blaze through those sections of the worksheets. If you’re brand-new to marketing, expect the worksheets to take a little longer.

Lastly, the community interaction is one of the most important parts of the program. You’ll need to set aside 60 to 90 minutes for the weekly group meetings, and we also recommend you spend some time throughout the week interacting with your instructors and fellow participants in the private community platform.

So grand total, expect to spend a minimum of 2-4 hours on the program each week. But remember, the more time you put into the course, the more you’ll learn and benefit from it. Spend the time to dive deep into the topics, take advantage of the extra resources, ask questions and interact with the community!

What if I don't get all the work done before the group meetings?

First of all, don’t worry! We know life happens and even the best plans can go awry. The group meetings will contain a brief overview of the module content before we dive deeper into the topic.

We’ll also spend a good portion of the meetings helping people work through sticky points in their worksheets. We don’t expect a perfectly completed worksheet before the meetings. That’s what the coaching it for!

If you’re consistently struggling to get all the work done and would like to defer your group participation to another class, just let us know! You’ll retain complete access to all of the documents so you can finish at your own pace and then you can join into a community when it’s convenient for you.