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Send us a link to your small business’ website, and we’ll send you a 7-10 minute video review from a marketing expert’s perspective.

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Want to receive our marketing newsletter? (100% optional)

No talking to people.

You’re over Zoom calls. We get it. Simply us your website address and we’ll send you a video you can watch anytime.

No tricks.

Your website review is 100% free and 100% sent right away.
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“Why are you giving away free website reviews for small businesses?”

It’s tough to run a business, and everyone at Ingenium is motivated to see small businesses thrive. 

Sometimes, if your website isn’t converting, all you need is an outside perspective. 7-10 minutes of fresh advice could help your website leap forward.

It doesn’t cost us much, but it could make a big difference for you.

If you hire us to implement our advice, that’s great. If you’re a savvy DIY person who reads our blog and can do it yourself, that makes us feel good too.

Ingenium is a highly personalized marketing company that delivers a lot of value to our company. What I like most about the firm is that they have listened well to our needs and quickly adapted to new ideas and priorities.

— William Hicks

What your 7-10 minute video will cover

Home Page | User experience

2-3 minutes • UX • UI • Navigation • Design

We’ll take a look at your home page and evaluate the user experience. Is your page designed to get conversions? Are there architecture or design optimizations that would make it a better user experience?

Home Page | Sales Message

2-3 minutes • Content • Messaging • CTA

Your messaging is just as important as your design. Does your home page messaging convert? Is it easy to understand what you’re offering? Do you have a clear call to action?

Local Search Placement

2-3 minutes • Google Maps • Local SEO

Your customers will never come if they can’t find you. How can you improve in your local organic search rankings? What SEO optimizations will help your site rank higher on Google Maps?

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