Consulting to make your business thrive.

Through our proven consultative process, you’ll understand the next steps you need to take, whether you’re working on a new business idea or looking to streamline operations.


 Even better, our initial, two-hour 360º Overview is free.


 Business Consultations for All Sizes

We partner with you at every stage, no matter your size.


Just because you’re flying solo doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. During our solopreneur consultations, we provide you with a sounding board to shape your ideas with a fresh perspective and diverse expertise.



If your business is just getting started, working with one of our consultants helps you lay the foundation for your success. We know what it takes to get a business off the ground and set it on a trajectory for profitability, sustainability, and growth.

Small Businesses

Our small business consultations help owners solve common pain points from a high level (like scalability and growth) to the day-to-day level (like administration and finances). Our team is equipped to address multiple small business challenges with solutions that are tailored to your specific business and goals. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Goal Setting and Implementation

Our business consultants work with you to hone your business goals and establish a clear, strategic plan for getting there. We collaborate with you to break down big ideas into quarterly goals, those goals into monthly objectives, and those objectives into bite-sized tasks. And we can help you implement the tools you need to get things done and track progress.

Back Office optimization

We offer comprehensive business audits to identify inefficiencies that are holding your business back. Our high-level, consultative services diagnose inefficiencies in existing operations and offer recommendations for optimizing your back office operations. Our areas of expertise include bookkeeping, office administration, and human resources.

Marketing Strategy

Reaching your audience is crucial for growing your small business. Our consultations audit your current marketing to identify opportunities for optimization. We then help you craft a plan for achieving growth with the appropriate messaging, tools, and metrics.


Ingenium Business & Consulting Services is top notch! As a first-time, small business owner, I have many questions and concerns, and I’m not always sure who to turn to for help. Meeting with Jonathan and Jake was an invaluable experience. They answered all of my questions about my finances as well as gave me excellent advice regarding marketing strategies and my website.

Carrie Greynolds, The Staging Fairy

“I could not recommend Ingenium higher! I have been working with them most of this year and they are a joy to work with. They took the time to understand my specific business, the constraints on it, and then produced a beautiful website and have helped me in every facet they could. They are a phenomenal company, with knowledgeable people throughout. Highly recommend!”

Tim Fisher, Aero Elite Flight Training

“The team at Ingenium helped me get my business off the ground and was always there to answer my questions and take care of my needs as we grew. They’re responsive, professional, thoughtful, friendly and I know I can trust them to not just do the calculations, but to think of me and my business and the bigger picture. Terrific and highly-recommended!”

Jason Jones, Jones Literary

How To Get Started

  1. Schedule a 360º Overview to take a deep dive into your business with us. This two-hour consultation won’t cost you anything.
  2. We’ll recommend actionable next steps and provide a cost estimate if you would like our help overcoming your business’ challenges.
  3. Start achieving your goals and thriving!