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Work Environment

We pride ourselves on having a kind, supportive, and encouraging environment with great management. Working at Ingenium means that you’ll be part of a wonderful team with a strong drive for producing excellent work, hitting goals, helping others, and building community.

Management prioritizes your career development and will encourage you to spend a percentage of working hours on continued learning.

While most of our team works remotely from home, several live within driving distance of downtown Winchester, VA, for occasional days of in-office work. Bookkeeping positions may require in-office training to begin.



Health insurance is currently offered to all full-time employees, with generous employer contributions.

Discounts are available on voluntary life, disability, and supplemental insurance policies.

Full-time employees can open a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.

Open Positions

Part-Time Bookkeeper

Posted September 8, 2022

Ingenium Business Consulting Services is seeking to hire a remote, part-time bookkeeper with 3+ years of professional experience to work 15-20 hours/week.

Type: Part-Time Employee

Compensation: Starting at $25/hour


    • Accounts Payable for 4+ clients of various sizes 
    • Personal Bookkeeping & Bill Pay for some of our VIP clients
    • Weekly & Bi-weekly Payroll for 8+ clients 
    • Monthly bookkeeping for 3-5 clients
    • Various projects as assigned

Since 2018, Ingenium Business & Consulting Services has been a unique firm providing small business consulting and B2B services to a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits in our local community and across the U.S. Our services are divided into three areas: bookkeeping, business administration, and digital marketing. Our team members each have a particular area of focus, but we apply a collaborative, holistic approach to serving our clients’ businesses.

We’re passionate about a few things, such as: working hard with excellence and ingenuity, investing ourselves in our local community, helping small businesses and their owners and employees truly flourish, treating everyone with grace and dignity, and creating a flexible and supportive work environment where families can thrive.

The Role:

We are looking for someone to join our bookkeeping team specifically to fill the following roles:

    • Accounts Payable for 4+ clients of various sizes 
    • Personal Bookkeeping & Bill Pay for some of our VIP clients (including the friendly, persistent follow-up often necessary for these clients)
    • Weekly & Bi-weekly Payroll for 8+ clients 
    • Monthly bookkeeping for 3-5 clients
    • Various projects as assigned

This is a part-time position (15-20 hours per week); an additional 5-10 hours per week may be added on top of the base hours in the short-term as consistency and attention to detail is demonstrated in the role. Longer-term, this role has the potential to go full-time if mutually desired.


  • Interest in a 2-year minimum employment commitment
  • Significant (but not exclusive) availability during business hours (Eastern time) and ability to have a consistent but flexible weekly schedule
  • Pleasant, professional demeanor and excellent verbal/written communication skills
  • Kindly assertive and consistent in following up with clients regarding items due
  • Handles conflict or disappointment with grace and empathy
  • Independent self-starter who exercises appropriate use of supervision
  • Strong interest and capacity to handle day-to-day work for 10-20 clients, with all the time, task, priority & stress management this entails 
  • Clean criminal background check, to be conducted after a job offer has been extended
  • Previous experience:
  • 3-5+ years of bookkeeping/accounting experience required; real estate and professional services experience preferred, including trust accounting.
  • An interest and long-term commitment to working with a variety of clients is required
  • QuickBooks Online experience required
  • Past or current experience working with multiple bookkeeping or accounting clients is highly preferred
  • Experience with Accounts Payable highly preferred
  • Bookkeeping/accounting firm or solo practice experience preferred but not required
  • Experience running payroll on QuickBooks Online Payroll, Gusto, and other payroll platforms would be a big plus

Preferred Credentials – all big pluses, but not required:

  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor (esp. Online)
  • Accounting degree
  • Certified Bookkeeper credential
  • Current or former CPA or CPA firm

Compensation & Benefits: 

  • Minimum pay of $25/hour, with potential for higher earnings based on experience 
  • SIMPLE IRA Plan with 3% match
  • Discounts available for life, disability, and supplemental insurance policies

Work Environment:

  • Typically 100% remote; we expect your work schedule will be mainly during business hours (Eastern time zone) and you will need to attend regularly scheduled video meetings regarding client coordination.
  • For local candidates, working part-time in our office in downtown Winchester is an option. 
  • Kind, supportive, and encouraging colleagues and management.
  • Management that prioritizes your career development.
  • Being part of a wonderful team with a strong drive for excellence, hitting our goals, helping others, and building community.

This might be the job for you if:

  • You are passionate about pursuing excellence, while also understanding and actively working to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism and procrastination.
  • You have been commended by employers, colleagues, and clients for your exceptional attention to detail.
  • You are innately curious and always learning and then applying what you learn.
  • You genuinely care about helping others (clients, colleagues, and our strategic partners) succeed in life, not “getting what’s yours” without regard to the needs of others.
  • New challenges don’t intimidate you, nor does working with other smart, hardworking people.
  • Ambiguity in your work assignments is a positive that frees you up to exercise your independent problem-solving skills, not a negative that causes you unhealthy stress or increases your overall dependency on others.
  • People you work with commend your strong work ethic and positive attitude.
  • You are trustworthy and honest to a fault, and you have an excellent reputation.
  • You want to work for a small business employer and serve small business clients. Enterprise employers and enterprise clients are not what you’re aiming for. 
  • You love bookkeeping and payroll but dislikes tax work.

Our Hiring Process (generally this takes 2-3 weeks): 

  • Submit a resume, cover letter & at least 3 references (current/former employer(s) and/or client references are required; you may also submit one personal reference if you desire). 
  • If we are interested in exploring your candidacy further, we’ll invite you to attend a 1-hour initial interview with our Manager of Accounting Services and Chief of Staff.
  • If everyone still wants to move forward, then we’ll pay for you to take an online assessment (TTI TriMetrix DNA); of course, we will share your results with you. We will also call your references at this point (please let them know we’ll be reaching out).
  • Within 5-7 days of your initial interview, you will attend a one-hour “Company Culture & TTI Debrief” interview with two members of our leadership team.
  • At this point, we’ll take three days to allow everyone a chance to step back and fully process our decision. After those three days, we will reach out to you with our decision.
  • If we decide to offer you the position, you’ll attend a final interview with our CEO and Manager of Accounting Services to discuss details of our offer, our onboarding process, and to answer any final questions you may have.
  • Once you have accepted the offer, we will also send you a background check to complete.

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Ingenium BCS, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Part-Time Sales Consultant

Posted August 15, 2022

Ingenium Business Consulting Services is seeking to contract with a sales consultant with 5+ years of professional experience to complete 5-15 hours of work each week.

Type: Independent contractor

Compensation: $25/hour + 20% commission, with option to re-negotiate after 90 days


You will be responsible for prospecting and nurturing leads and closing sales. You will work closely with our CEO and our Director of Marketing Services to prepare proposals for qualified leads. You will set accurate expectations and facilitate a smooth hand-off of each new client to the Director of Marketing Services.



  • A Desire to Learn: Our marketing team is a team of researchers and learners because we work in an ever-changing industry. Strategies and tactics that worked a year ago could become obsolete overnight. We need you to also be passionate about learning so that you are prepared to turn your up-to-date knowledge into client education during the sales process. Our marketing team will help you stay up-to-date with the newest strategies in marketing and what’s working well for our clients.
  • Always Ready for More: As a company, we don’t settle for “good enough.” We tell our clients right away that we will always be working to perfect their websites, campaigns, and strategies so they can more effectively reach their goals. We ask the same thing of our team members. From implementers to team leaders to senior management, we encourage growth, and we are here to support your journey to becoming better at what you do.
  • Team-Minded Perspective: Our company’s mission is to support others’ strengths. We are here to support our clients’ strengths by handling the aspects of their business that they find frustrating or discouraging. The same is true with our team members. We believe that people find the most fulfillment in their jobs, and the most satisfaction in their lives, when they are able to optimize to their strengths. In our company, we try to the best of our ability to fit our team members where their strengths can shine. As a result, our team members work together to cover each other’s weaknesses.
  • Responsiveness: This role allows the flexibility of the place and time in which you perform your work.  However, 5-15 hours of tasks will be expected from you each week. Internal communications over email and Slack must be responded to within one business day, and you will be required to attend one recurring meeting each week.


  • Proven Sales Experience: We’re looking for someone who already has at least 5 years of experience in B2B sales, specifically selling marketing-related services. We need you to have a track record of effective prospecting and sales efforts so you can hit the ground running and achieve the client portfolio growth we’re looking for. 
  • Excellent Professional Demeanor: You will often be the “first impression” of our company for new clients. It will be important to set a tone of “undistracting excellence” in how you speak, write, dress, and act while endeavoring to avoid mannerisms, grammatical errors, and tardiness that could offend or cause our attention to detail to be called into question. 
  • Consultative Approach: We’re big on listening to the client’s needs before opening our mouths and prescribing solutions. We tailor-make solutions for each of our clients from a broad array of services. We are depending on you to ask lots of questions and dig deep into the current state of prospective client businesses (being sensitive about what they are or are not willing to share when first getting to know us). We want you to present yourself as empathetic to their challenges, to explore possible solutions with them, and to build rapport with team members who can dig deeper with them on particular issues. We expect you to guide each sales qualified lead towards a completed sale on a proposal or services contract that truly meets their needs, and to remove obstacles and objections to a sale as appropriate in a thoughtful, considerate, and educational manner.
  • Smooth Handoff: We will depend on you to set proper expectations with each new client regarding the scope of their signed proposal/contract, our processes and procedures, and the results of our marketing efforts. You will be responsible to ensure that each new client has a clean transition to the team member(s) who will manage their account by creating thorough meeting notes, facilitating introductions, and providing insights to the team into the preferences and needs of each new client.


All work will be performed remotely. You will be responsible to provide your own computer, internet connection, and email address. Ingenium will provide access to cloud-based client documentation, our project management tool, Slack, and necessary design programs. 

Should you need to travel to meet with a prospective client (at your discretion as the sales representative), car travel will be compensated according to the IRS standard business mileage rate. Other expenses (including meals) will need to be approved by the CEO in advance.


For the first 90 days you will be compensated at a rate of $25.00 per hour as an independent contractor. In addition, you will receive a commission on deals you close: One-time 20% commission for projects, or 20% for the first three months on monthly retainers.

After the initial 90 days, your hourly and/or commission rate will be reevaluated and may be increased based upon your job performance.


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