Back office services to streamline your operations.

We bet you didn’t start your small business because you love running payroll. And we imagine that the pressing HR issue on your to-do list today isn’t your passion. But if you’re like most small business owners, back office tasks are costing you time and limiting your business’s growth.


Let’s get back office tasks off of your to-do list, so you can spend your time doing what you love.
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Our Back Office Services

Small Business Finances

Financial data tracking so you’re primed for critical decision making and growth. 

  • Accurate bookkeeping that turns your data into a dependable tool.
  • Monthly financial statements that enable timely decisions based on numbers and trends.
  • Payroll services to ensure your employees and vendors are paid on time.
  • Financial projections that clarify the numbers you need to reach your goals.
  • Budgets that optimize your resources.
  • Compliance monitoring so you can take action on license requirements, entity registration, and sales & local tax filing.

Office Administration Optimization

Achieve seamless continuity when you work with an office administration team. 

  • Back office operation audits 
  • Vendor rate checks
  • Task management optimization

Human Resource Management

Reduce employee turnover and increase team morale. 

  • Employee placement analysis to leverage your team’s talents and skills.
  • Employee benefit management so your team is cared for, you remain in compliance, and your internal workload is reduced.

Database Migration

Remove a cumbersome chore from your to-do list. 

  • Consultations to select a database platform that meets your business requirements.
  • We offer downloading, formatting, and quality assurance for spreadsheets and folders so you can seamlessly transition from database to another.


“The team at Ingenium helped me get my business off the ground and was always there to answer my questions and take care of my needs as we grew. They’re responsive, professional, thoughtful, friendly and I know I can trust them to not just do the calculations, but to think of me and my business and the bigger picture. Terrific and highly-recommended!”

Jason Jones, Jones Literary

“Jonathan has done bookkeeping, sales taxes, report generation and an number of admin tasks for me in the past. He figured out my industry specific estimating/invoicing software quickly with very little explanation, and he was already very familiar with Quickbooks Online. He’s a great guy to work with and does a thorough job.”

Joe Gallop, Sr., Appaloosa Painting

How To Get Started

  1. Introduce yourself using the form below.  One of our back office consultants will schedule a call to learn about your business’ needs.
  2. We’ll help you define your goals and provide a quote for the back office services you need.
  3. Enjoy your streamlined back office operations and focus your time on doing what you love.

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