Moving to a new office location can be stressful. You have a lot to plan for and keep track of, on top of day-to-day operations. Ideally, you want to create as smooth a transition as possible – for the sake of your clients, your employees, and your own sanity. Our office moving checklist for back office and marketing operations can help ease the transition while giving you peace of mind that you’ve remembered everything.

If you’ve ever moved offices before, you know there are many logistical factors to consider like taking inventory, making a new floor plan, etc. And as critical as those are for complete preparation, we’re going to focus on the areas where Ingenium has the most expertise: back office and marketing operations.

General Office Moving Principles

Moving to a new office requires a high level of organization to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you’re up and running in your new location as soon as possible. The three items outlined below, though not exhaustive, will help your move be stress-free.

Organize a Team

Before anything else, you should place a staff member in charge of organizing and facilitating the move – sort of “Moving Czar.” This person might be you if you have a small staff or a small office. But ideally, you should choose someone like an admin assistant who can keep everything moving and organized so you can keep focusing on running the business. You may also want to choose a specific “moving team” designated for helping out.

Create a Checklist with Assignments and Deadlines

You should begin your move by creating a moving checklist with help from your Moving Czar. Outline every task that needs to be completed, inventory that needs to be taken, locations where addresses need to be changed, etc. Then, set deadlines for each checklist item.

You can even use a project management tool like ClickUp or Trello to delegate tasks to different members of your team and set clear task deadlines with automated reminders.

Set a Budget

You also need to set a moving budget. You should consider if you want to hire an outside mover. An outsourced bookkeeping and marketing firm can handle the back office and marketing changes. But you need to know how much you can spend on the office move before you can decide what to outsource and what to handle internally.

Now, onto a specific office moving checklist for the back office and marketing parts of your transition.

Office Moving Checklist for Your Back Office and Marketing Operations

Believe it or not, making an office location change affects more than just your office furniture. There’s a surprising number of steps you need to take to ensure your clients are clearly informed about the change, your marketing materials are updated, and bookkeeping and admin operations are updated as well.

Here, we’ve provided you with a general office moving checklist for the back office and marketing changes that will need to be made. This list may need to be edited or expanded depending on your unique business needs, but this general reference point will get you started.

Business Operations

To Do Before or During Move:

  • Sign lease
  • Get certificate of occupancy/zoning approval to prove new business address
  • Update insurance policies like: workers compensation, rental insurance policy, other relevant policies
  • Take over utilities accounts, as applicable: water, electricity, internet

To Do Immediately After Move:

  • Update business license for current location
  • Notify State Corporation Commission (SCC)
  • Notify your state department of taxation
  • Notify your state Employment Commission
  • Update your bookkeeping software: office location, employee work location, payroll
  • Notify IRS (when filing your next tax return)
  • Update billing software
  • Notify banks
  • Notify credit cards
  • Notify credit card processor
  • Notify vendors
  • Forward mail

Anytime After Move:

  • Notify any memberships and professional groups
  • Update subscriptions
  • Close all accounts related to your old lease


Update Address:

  • Business cards
  • Business email footers
  • Third-party sites like Yelp
  • Website
  • Rack cards
  • Marketing email footers
  • Social media
  • Google Maps
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads


  • Email
  • Add banner to website
  • Add notice to Google My Business (if relevant)
  • Social posts
  • Social media banner

Make a Move with Ingenium

Many of the items on the above office moving checklist can easily be handled by an outsourced bookkeeper or marketer, taking multiple items off your and your staff’s plates during a stressful season. Are you considering making a move? Ingenium’s top-notch team can help you keep the process smooth and as pain-free as possible.

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