1-2 Hour Consultation

Discover how to make your business idea work with a 360° Consultation.

1. Schedule your 360° consultation at a convenient time.

2. During the interview, we learn about you, your goals, and how you run your business.

3.We’ll recommend steps and changes to take your business ideas to the next level.

Price and market your service competitively by getting industry comparisons and experienced marketing advice.

Establish your online presence

Learn where your audience lives and develop a strategy for the best tools and tactics to launch your business.

Understand your company structure options

Learn the key differences between a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, and corporation.

Maximize your margins

Margins can be tight early on when you’re just starting out. Learn how to reduce waste and maximize your early earnings.

Set your venture up for success by learning how to organize your operations, administration, and HR for maximum effectiveness.

Identify opportunities to expand

Learn which new markets, products, and services will reap the most reward for your business.

Organize your books

Prepare for tax time and bank/investor backing by organizing your books and learning best bookkeeping practices.

Improve your marketing funnel

Get insights from your marketing data: find your target audience, maximize customers, and track cost per conversion.

Break the ceiling on stalled growth and revitalize your business by stripping away hidden costs and streamlining your operations.

Expand your offerings

Explore adding new products or services and what that means for your revenue and growth strategies. 

Streamline office procedures

Understand when to hire vs. when to outsource, and how to offload automated tasks so you can focus on core competencies.

Align marketing and sales

Learn how to score more leads and supercharge your sales process with sales resources, CRMs, and marketing alignment.

Jonathan Horton

President & CEO

In 2 hours, see your business from every angle.

When you share your marketing plan and bookkeeping with us, we’ll take a thorough look to see what you can improve. This takes a lot of time and energy, but we don’t charge because we want to help small business owners.

We have developed relationships with business owners throughout our community. A vibrant local business community means better business for everyone.

Sometimes we will provide a quote for services if we believe we can help. Other times we will simply give you advice you can implement on your own.


Ingenium Business & Consulting Services is top notch! As a first-time, small business owner, I have many questions and concerns, and I’m not always sure who to turn to for help. Meeting with Jonathan and Jake was an invaluable experience.

They answered all of my questions about my finances as well as gave me excellent advice regarding marketing strategies and my website. Jake took the time to send me 3 different options for help with my website, and Jonathan even introduced me to some local connections in my field. I highly recommend Ingenium for business owners in the area who need advice or are looking to grow.

— Carrie Greynolds


In Winchester or online.

We think that when it comes to your business, it’s best to communicate in person. Most of our 360 Consultations take place in our Winchester, VA office. But if you’re too far to drive and still want our advice, we’re happy to meet with you on video.

Schedule a consultation.

Get 2 hours free consultation with Jonathan. No payment necessary.