Helping small businesses thrive.

Marketing, bookkeeping, and admin & HR support for small businesses & startups. 

Ingenium BCS team working together help small businesses thrive with Marketing, bookkeeping, and admin & HR support.

We’ll optimize your business, so you can do what you love.

What We Do


Feel confident that every dollar is managed well when we handle your bookkeeping and payroll.



Identify your ideal customers and tangibly grow your business with our marketing services.

Admin & HR

Clear your plate of necessary but time-consuming admin & HR tasks. We’ll take care of it.

How It Works

1. Assessment

We will look for inefficiencies in your bookkeeping, marketing, and operations, and we will recommend ways to streamline your processes.

2. Partnership

We will translate your growth goals into a measurable step-by-step plan and take the bookkeeping, marketing, HR, and administrative tasks off of your plate.

Partnership with clients to help them achieve goals.
Optimization to help your business grow.

3. Optimization

We will provide you with a dedicated, USA-based team with the experience and tools needed to track progress and help your business grow.


If you are looking for a great marketing company, I could not recommend Ingenium higher! I have been working with them most of this year and they are a joy to work with. They took the time to understand my specific business, the constraints on it, and then produced a beautiful website and have helped me in every facet they could.

Tim Fisher, Aero Elite Flight Training

The team at Ingenium helped me get my business off the ground and was always there to answer my questions and take care of my needs as we grew. They’re responsive, professional, thoughtful, friendly and I know I can trust them to not just do the calculations, but to think of me and my business and the bigger picture. Terrific and highly-recommended!

Jason Jones, Jones Literary

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About Us

Ingenium Team working together to build thriving small businesses
Ingenium. /inˈd͡ʒ —
Talent. Integrity. Excellence.

We exist to support business owners’ strengths, to reduce the likelihood of failure, and to increase their business’ impact on their communities.

We support world-changers by helping them run their businesses well. As a company, we want to make the world better by supporting the businesses that will make that happen.

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